Untere Weinegg (E)

The three houses at Burgweg 42, 44 und 46 in Zurich-Riesbach are joined together at their long side resulting in a prominent complex of buildings.

Ansicht vom Burgweg her aus Nordwesten
View from Burgweg (NW)

The house on the left (north-side) with the distinctive little tower was constructed in 1878 on lieu of a former barn. The small house in the middle is the oldest of the three buildings: according to dendrochronological age measurements taken at different oak beams in the fundament and the roof it was built around 1598.

Ansicht von Südosten aus der Zufahrt über die Weineggstrasse 24
View from SE when approaching over the private access road starting from Weineggstrasse 24. At the left there is a washhouse with garage and fountain.

The topmost house situated on the south with half-timbered work in the upper levels was supposedly erected in 1752; in 1931 is was fully renovated. The small washhouse with garage was built in 1831.

Ansicht aus dem Hof
View of the “Untere Weinegg” from the private access road

1999-2001 coat, windows and roofs of all the buildings were renovated. In 2014 the oldest house in the middle as fully renovated including the installation of central heating, modern kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Two of the old stove remained in the house with their innards refitted and connected to a new unique chimney replacing three ancient chimneys.

Weinegg Hof mit Waschhaus und Brunnen
Washhouse with fountain

The washhouse with its washing toughs and a heated wash-tub a bathing tub was conserved, the paintwork renewed and the roof repaired in 2001. The old-building renovation was partly supported by Pro Patria.

Alte Steinpflästerung im Hof
Old stone pavement in the courtyard

The property with a big garden and the washing house is owned by a community of three heirs.

Waschhaus und ehemalige Scheune.
Washhouse and old barn.

The old barn now used as storage space is owned by the canton Zurich which let it to a roofer and tiler.

Blick von der unteren Weinegg auf den Burghölzlihügel
View from the garden in southern direction towards the Burghölzli hill.

The meadow with its fruit-trees bordering on its SE side to  the property “Untere Weinegg”  is currently maintained by a local farming and gardening association  (“Quartier-Bauernhof Weinegg”). The land is owned by the canton of Zurich.

Weinegg Ansicht aus südlicher Richtung
View on “Untere Weinegg” from the south

Looking from the location as depicted above, things seem to remain unchanged since the 18th century.

Gewächshäuser Botanischer Garten
Green house of the New Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich

In the SW the New Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich is adjoining the property. Note its futuristic greenhouses.

Ash tree at the southern corner of the garden.

The southern corner of the garden is dominated by two trees: an ash and an American linden (at the right).

Nördlicher Gartenteil1
North corner of the garden

Looking towards the NW finally a part of the city of Zurich (Zurich-Hottingen) is appearing.

Blick on der Weinegg nord-westlich Richtung Hegibach-Platz
View from the Weinegg towards the Hegibach place

Virtual tour around Weinegg

Impressum:  Max R. Dürsteler, July 2015