Untere Weinegg – Stories

We don't know much about the origins of the lower Weinegg. In the plan of Hans Conrad Gyger from 1650 we find a group of buildings with the name "Wynegg" at the site of today's estate. 

Excerpt from the plan of the "Stadelhoffer Zehendes" from 1650

Note that at the "Wynegg" the road leads to the right and not today to the left past the main house. Below is the title of Gyger's tithe plan.

Tiel of the plan "Stadelhoffer Zehendes" from 1650

Here is an excerpt from today's cadastral plan for comparison. Surrounded in red, we see in the middle the plot of land "Untere Weinegg", in which the Burgweg is located on the north side of the plot

Excerpt from the land register of the city of Zurich

From time to time there are also documentary mentions of the "Lower Weinegg".

Untere Weinegg in the Zurich Ortslexikon_Kantons

There are still some photographs from the time before the great reconstruction of the house in 1931 preserved. It lacks the large roof lukarne as well as the garden exit with small terrace and stairs on the house side as well as the balconies on the house front with the bar. Also at the middle of the haussete under the middle window is the outer part of a pouring stone with its drainage tube.

The Untere Weinegg around 1920 with Luise Brunner..
View from the vegetable garden.
Photograph from 1921
View from Drahtzugstrasse 1920. The lower Weinegg is located on the upper right Blidecke.
Former tavern with tiled stove on the left with the landlady Mrs. Keller. Mr. Konrad Keller sits at the Window Fornt.
Here is a photograph of ci for comparison. 1980 with roof magnifiers, staircase into the garden and balconies.
Recording of ci. 1980 with yard. On the left is the washhouse with a wagon shed and a well. On the right you can see the large house Burgweg 46 built in 1752 and the lower house Burgweg 44, which was built in 1598 according to dendrochronological estimates.
Recording of ci. 1980. On the right the house Burgweg 42 with roof turrets from 1879.

The monument plague of the city of Zurich commissioned the historian Martin Leanhard with research on the history of the Lower Weinegg. Unfortunately, the study 'History of the former farm "Untere Weinegg" Burgweg 42-46(VN Alt 929, 86A, 85A) 8008 Zurich' was never completed due to other professional obligations of the author.

Here are the corresponding sources:

Here is another pictorial example of such a historical source: The buildings of the Lower Weinegg were insured against a fire by their respective owners. Here we show still available documents of the fire insurance, .

During the renovation of burgweg 44 in 2013/2014, we were supported by the building archaeology of the city of Zurich. There is a documentary (author Mrs. Kaarina Bourloud).